Friday, April 25, 2014

Stolen from Instagram

With school alive and kicking, I can only say that the [plunging] anticipation I had for it has become indirectly proportional to the amount of work we're about to expect. Back to slogging our lives away to get a step closer to a better view of our dreams. My dreams have lived long enough to see everything as an opportunity, a fighter it has turned me into. Its strong metabolism can only seem to continue fuelling itself with 4am assignment commitments and the hopes of scoring As. 

But whilst all this nerd talk, there always has to be space in-between for the unavoidable #ootd ritual. Admit it, it's in your blood too! I spent an hour on the bus just editing a single photo to post with Richard's commentry about Valencia definitely making me look tanned. Not too sure which is more shocking but let's just say that all finally turned well and the picture finally made it on the internet.

I only got 10 likes in the last 5 minutes, do you think I should take it down?!

First-day homage: going the sportsluxe way
Top from Vietnam, skirt by Zara, accessories from Topshop

One of the outfits I have been anticipating was this, and I decided on going straight into it on the first day. I got this top in the middle of a street in Ho Chi Minh, a find that took hours to dig out and finally brag about here. Okay, I kid. But I cannot lie about how smitten I am with its sinking hem and chunky collar. 
Turban day never gets old
Turban from a street store, Zara laced top, Underground boots 

Yes, the turban girl in me will probably never retire. My clique made a deal to dress in black, and it was a done deal with the thought of the turban! I couldn't help but sing A Whole New World for some reason.

Before you know it, it's Thursday!
Sewed the little monster and carrot on the top, blue collared top from Ho Chi Minh, Topshop shorts and chelsea booties, finishing it with a H&M floppy hat  

The fact that the top was custom made by myself always makes it even more exciting to wear it out. Just never did because it was even shorter than a crop top and I had to save myself from any public display of well.. bra. But Voila! A piece underneath did the trick, and its collars gave it a natural fit.

Here's to the [coming] end of yet another week, keep yourselves well and get tanned better than Valencia can!

Lots of love and dream catching,

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