Monday, April 21, 2014

10 Minute wet-weather season

Outfit shots and an added pair of legs by Shereen (@shereensoony)
Uniqlo shirt, Topshop shorts, Primark wellingtons, Aldo body chain

I fell huge victim to my stubborn side, weather reports told me that showers would only be present early in the afternoon but I went for the wellingtons anyway. Yes, I was trying to let my boots grasp as much air at every possible chance and they sure did- under the hot sun.

 But like every other outfit, there were no regrets! I was just more alert for any possible chance to jump into puddles, really.

Sunday was such a good day. Easter, of course, and I finally got to spend some good time with Shereen (by good I meant getting motion sickness on the swings) and lunch fuelled with conversations better than the food (okay fineeee I admit, the ambience was perfection). Give it a chance (My Awesome Cafe at Tanjong Pagar) if you're a sucker for anything old school or old clinics!

Lots of love and good weather,

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