Saturday, May 3, 2014

#TheMasonExperiment: Summer's trends in a Jar

 Spring and Summer's starting to get some spotlight, and our brightly coloured dresses can finally see some sunlight. Whip out the bikinis, charge your iPhones, head to the beach and get some phone numbers! (although these days, honestly, 96% of the time is spent trying to perfect that Instagram-able shot)

As we dig out the old things for the new season, there's always going to be room for new thrills- bringing us to my favourite investment-worthy trends this year! 

With this theme in mind, I got really excited from the idea of creating some blooming action with the jar! Some items listed here actually sit perfectly in them, making the jar an ideal way to store things too.

1. Tailor it hot haute
Uniqlo shirt
It was an unavoidable trend to spot for this upcoming season: well tailored shirts and skilfully cut pieces couldn't brag Tres Chic any better, one fashion show after another. Play around with thin collared tops or a light masculine blazer to hop on this one without breaking a sweat.

2. Sportsluxe still hasn't died
Adidas Sports bra, Mini Casio Digital Watch, Nike Headband
NastyGal Top

Why yes- I'm persistently drilling this into your head in every post because it's something not to miss out on! (Or at least, in my highly-infuenced-by-running opinion) Haven't you heard? Sweating it out in Sportswear just became too cool for only school. 

3. Arm party? Nah.
 Sourced widely, but try ASOS, H&M or everywhere
Its the season where you take pictures of you holding your pineapple juice (um yeah, pineapples are so fetch right now) remember? No way's better than doing it with fingers stacked with charming pieces of metal. Okay, I kid! But it's about time our fingers have some fun with midi rings and statement pieces- thin or thick. Just remember never to swim with them- I learnt it the hard way.

4. Accessories bloom best
Sourced from Primark, Topshop, Forever 21 and markets.
Of course, statement pieces do it best if you're in the mood for some extra action. I'd throw in a bunch of these if I were you, styled with clothing that would parallel them. 
For example: If you're going to wear the loose fringe necklace, get some fringed boots. 

And my favourite example: if you're going to wear the feather clips, go full bird. 

5. Nope, they won't melt even if you do
Bare Minerals Bronzer and Brushes, Benefit Lip Tint, Smashbox Lipstick in Fuchsia Flash

The one thing we can thank Singapore for is for having trained us to work perfectly with makeup even in summer. Which is well, kinda all year round. However with the sun having more frequent appearances these months, don't miss out on the bronzer action. Give Bare Mineral's version a try, it doesn't melt as much as others under the heat and everyone on Google can't agree more either.

My mom always taught me to pucker up especially under the sunlight- which points fingers at Benefit's lip tint. I do get very tired of having a thick layer lying on your lips sometimes, so the tint becomes a huge lifesaver. (And it is kiss-proof too!) (No dad, I haven't tried it before)

6. Creep your eyes out 
ASOS Sunglasses
As if seeing a lizard on your wall isn't bad enough, it's so in to be having it on your eyes now. From Dolce's shades full of flowers to this. I'd suggest whipping out an old pair of shades and decorating it on your own- it makes wearing it so much fun. (Cockroach cases excluded)

7. Go green!
Spinach, lots of it. And apples are from Giant.
If you've never attempted this before, give it a go! Your skin will see a glow that bronzer can never give. Yes, the health freak in me has risen. But before I go on about how good it is, can we just pause for a moment and stare at it because staring at green things are good for our eyes? (See how beneficial juicing is?)


8. Picnic ready
Basket sling from Bali, Mary.K for Topshop tote, and a DIY tote
Yes sweetheart, eating your potato salad in the park doesn't mean you can skip the bag action. Slings and totes do it best- light and reliably opaque to hide your bananas from Monkeys (not so smell-proof though). 

Closing Title
Summertime Sadness will be far from your playlist this season, as cheerful shades and quirky accessories should be on top of your head. Don't forget the phone numbers though, you might need a new one if your current one hates lizards ;)

Regardless, I do hope you enjoyed the visuals in this post! Styling the Mason Jar couldn't have been more fun.

Lots of love and Jar dressing,

 Today's post is a part of the #TheMasonExperiment
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