Sunday, March 9, 2014

The different languages of comfort

Pictures taken by Shereen Soon! (@ShereenSoony)
H&M top, Zara skirt, Bershka bomber jacket, Mphosis heels, Cotton On cap, Primark necklace, Aldo arm brace (or warrior stuff)

I gladly submitted to Shereen's proposal to take this Sunday's (yes, we're making it a weekly habit) outfit shots at Raffles Place.

Like a Singaporean Wall Street, Raffles Place is the heart of our business district that never stops beating- its bloodstream running wild with vibrant characters: dreamers, workaholics and people striving to find comfort in their own capabilities. I've been an avid onlooker of this vibrant city, since 5 years old when mom made it a point to meet Dad after he knocked off and today for my boxing classes. Till this day, it amazes me to see the real world packed into buildings- exchanging cheek-to-cheek greetings and ready to start a meeting, while secretly craving for a good meal to comfort themselves from all this stress.

The magic of being an onlooker is watching the district breathe on such hectic activity, like a body that sustains itself on sugar- sometimes bad, yet terribly addictive. It is for moments like these when we start to realise the silence in the weekend- when the working ones find comfort at home and forget the salad-bar-meals along Cecil Street. And of course, when people like me start to explore (AND THAT CYCLIST) (AND THOSE ISLAND HOPPER BUSES).

Here's to the ones who've been fighting good battles week in and out for the comfort love that's waiting for them at home. Here's to you dad- if you're reading this, press on and we'll always be waiting for you at home for a non-salad meal all day EVERYDAAAAAY (except mondays to wednesdays. It's cleanse period)

Lots of Love


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