Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lazy Sportsluxe

Photographed by Shereen Soon (@shereensoony) (basically that crazy one in the photo)

H&M hat, Zara top, H&M joggers, ASOS Sandals, Casio watch 
& my favourite lipstick shade by Smashbox in Fuchsia Flash

(Before I got to writing this post, I never knew how to spell Fuchsia.)

I like to call the Zara piece the thong top, technically because it's lacey detail reminds me so much of it and the comfortably light piece plays well on a lazy morning. 

Today's outfit is my favourite concocted for the season- inspired by strappy sandals and running pants (yes- I've been spending way too much time running/boxing that even the sweat's turning my brain into a crazy nut, wearing anything/everything sports luxe). 

Celine Cruise 2014

For weeks now, I've been blogging and trying to control my usage of exclamation marks and love for capital letters but HEY OLD HABITS DIE HARD!!!!!! Explains. Whatever it is, I'm definitely way past my battle to have all sentences ending with a full stop, and am pretty much retrenching the thought of keeping all my erupting emotions/SARCASM away from the tip of my fingers as I write. Behind every serious looking blogger (you know, the bloodshot-eye poses and all), I'm sure there's some kind of personality that's just dying to come out- of which only writing can seem to express over the internet. 

(I mean no, nobody makes a whole five minute video reading her entire written blog post to her readers.) 

"Hey guys, it's me Tessa Lin Wang from Suede Fingers dot blogspot dot com, in which you can email me at suedefingers at gmail dot com dot assgee and today I'm wearing my favourite lipstick shade by Smashbox in Fuchsia Flash but I never really knew how to spell Fuchsia before posting this"

I hope you're catching this like I am- writing instead of videoing saves you from a whole lot of "you're such a bimbo" comments arrowed towards your face.

Video making aside, I'm definitely glad to be back and away from serious-sounding posts because they're just not me. Not too sure why I even tried, but thank God it's getting off me soon enough. Or video making might actually turn into a reality.

(Don't get me wrong though, no exclaimation marks or capital letters don't mean I'm not being myself- I do get serious when great serious emotion is involved.)

Lots of Love

Celine photo credit: Harper's Bazaar


  1. Love the pants! I have a similar pair that I wear to teach dance/gymnastics and I can still dress them up for a night out!
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