Thursday, March 20, 2014

I love your trash

(I seem to be changing fonts in every post and telling myself "OKAY THIS IS THE OFFICIAL FONT YOU WILL USE IN EVERY POST" in every post because the mood always seems to change)

The iron-jawed girl in me always finds it within her ways to get things done extravagantly different, and I'm pretty much into this trait. For many reasons, I would cringe at wearing something if everyone was or go back home to change if I felt I was wearing something comparable to the ultra-popular GEEK shirt.

It's not a strength 24/7- other than the mindful spirit whilst running that gets me up and saying "if everyone will do it this way, do it better"- very often do I end up with a depleting energy to keep ahead. Outside the track or away from the punching bags, I can't exactly say how thrilled my wallet has been to have to buy something that no one has. 

Nevertheless, it's a personality that's been with me since young- and even I see it within the inspiration that has caught my eye.

The beauty of inspiration acts in the same way as the perception that one man's trash can be another's treasure- it can only speak to you on a personal level. When your heart sincerely welcomes it in for a cup of tea, you know it's a connection that's been ignited- the characters within you holding hands, lighting a spark that only gets brighter.

Top left, the african-like turban: a common sight on screen, an uncommon sight on street
(Nadia x Nadia, photographed by Nadine Ijewere)

Top right, hand sewn: putting the pencil down, threading an impression with a needle.
(Rick Owens depicted by Jennifer Corker)

Bottom left, pushing limit: Okay okay I gotta admit, the sportluxe obsession got me again. But I am exceptionally in love with the old, dirty looking double-end bag. Some reality hit into the usual fashionably-pristine shot. And can we please leave some love for her fleshy, musuclar thighs?
(Phillip Gay for INTERVIEW Germany 2012)

Bottom right, ironic purpose: a safety pin holding itself on your ears, not looking the safest. Très chic- I bet the fashion police would stop you just to ask where you got it from.
(Viktor & Rolf, Spring 2014)

Lots of love

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