Friday, September 27, 2013


There is something very magical about monochromatic minimalism.

like a beautiful see-through white dress with a leather bralet on the inside.
like a white room full of white furniture. Maybe just one.
like a black sky and white stars (maybe it's just white to me, I can never perceive why we were always taught to colour them yellow) (nuh-uh, we will not start with science and the sun!)

Maybe it's just been my vision lately, or my view on things. I've been into less complicated things and have been all about everything pure. I like the simplicity but the edginess that can be fed through materials and textures. Or personality through the owner's character.

It's through simple things when that resourcefulness in you blooms. Or maybe you just learn to see things differently. That's the beauty of minimalism- It's simple but never boring.

The last picture features a piece that I'm holding close to my heart this season (and who knows, for many more months to come!) Say hello to the Slip Dress. I love how it flows and how it gets all comfortable around the feminine body without having to force you into jumping on the lemonade-diet bandwagon. Bares your collarbones, covers comfortably and ends right above your knees- faultlessly indestructible despite its gentle touch.

Image sources: tumblr// pinterest// topshop

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