Friday, August 30, 2013

Till death do us part

Roxy crop top // white bottoms from Taiwan // SAY HELLOOOO TO the Supergas 

This time, I used the I REALLY NEED NEW SHOES FOR WORK excuse to make my next purchase. As stupid as it sounds (just like the rest of the other 323781537621 excuses for every other piece in my closet), it actually happened and I'm still at the cloud nine phase!

I can probably foresee myself advancing to the you-may-kiss-the-bride cum honeymoon stage in about a few days, but I'll update you guys soon on our progress ;)

Ahhh, If it isn't the pair of Supergas that I've been dying to get since last year. I was one very very hesitant girl, playing hard to get with this pair. I remember staying up and wondering whether to make the first move and hand over money. But $70? For another pair of sneakers? Was it really going to rob me of all those precious bowls of ramen and possibly another chance to buy a hamster cage for the sake of fun?

Well yes. Eventually I got robbed anyway.

Although seriously though, I've never felt this happy with a pair of shoes- probably a sense of achievement that I scored a pair of sneakers away from Converse and Vans. Uhuh uhuh uhuh feeling so hiPPpPppPPPpster right nowWwWWWwwwWWWw. If you have yet to know about Supergas- let me do the introducing!

  1. This Italian brand has been around since the first World War (yes i know you're like WHAT Y U NO SHOW YOURSELF HERE EARLIER?! Same reaction sista, same reaction. )
  2.  Made it's mark with sneaker-goers like us ever since it started creating such versions apart from their original leather kicks. 
  3. Fashion icons like our favourite Alexa Chung has graced the Superga-wearing-phenominon, representing the brand through advertising campaigns.
  4. Meanwhile, fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni (blonde salad) have collaborated with the brand for some lacey looks that lace-tablecloth enthusiasts would love (don't get me wrong, I love my tablecloths too)

While some of you may still be asking what's so good about it, I'll probably just direct you to Rockstar to give a pair a try- understand it's comfort and versatility for yourself! Okay, maybe I could be speaking too highly of it. But love blinds one, no? ;)

While I embark on this new journey with the new pair, do let me know if you've gone smitten over one too- we can start discussing a new Superga facebook fanpage over bowls of ramen that I can totally afford

Aaaand if you're already on your way to handing over the money, head over to

-Official Singapore site
-Zalora (I got mine here for $20 off because of a promotion!)
-Urban outfitters (if you're in the mood to spend some bowls of ramen on shipping)
-or head to Rockstar to experience the shoes on your own!


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