Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Eye power {Sponsored}

It had come to my surprise upon receiving an email from the lovely Julie from that I was given the privilege to pick a pair to try out from a range of brands (thanks guys!)

So like a little girl in a candy store, I died halfway while searching through the 'pile' and met Nunettes that might just be the next love of my life (sorry sugared toast, we might have to re-discuss your position)

Bug's eye view?

Proudly born and made in Montmatre, the brand takes pride in its unique prints atop a hole-y frame to bring your eyes into the spotlight. And I might confess that this whole eye-fashion-statement idea (I would be making a pun with "eye-dea" but my sister would be asking me to grab a wheelchair the next minute) really caught my eye.

So lo and behold- I was on my way to making the biggest decision of my life, a day after choosing a cream cheese spread over butter.

Yes. I know. I felt the pain too:

I don't know if it was done on purpose- but having three of your top picks in one straight row is probably the craziest that can happen in every online shopping situation! It took me a whole day, but I settled for the HEAT anyway.

And soon after I found out that Rihanna had a pair too- looks like I wasn't really much of a weirdo for choosing sunglasses with tiny holes that gave you a fly's vision TEEEHEEEE

For the love of
Having been my first time making an order with them, I was definitely a happy newbie as everything was settled swiftly and fuss-free!

If you're the kind who would camp at home doing your hovering thang all over ASOS, this is your place to be if you're a glasses junkie. Yes my dear Singaporean mates- SHIPPING IS FREEEEE. Best words on earth you could ever hear if you're like "shit I melted my glasses in the oven and I need it in a week's time but I want to stay at home to watch the Kardashians." 

Much love to Glasses Online, can't wait to be united with the Nunettes! Here's some love for you readers too- take $10 off any >$50 purchases with GOBLOG10 !

Have fun shopping, let me know in the comments if you're melting over a pair too ;)

Tune in next week for an outfit post with the new shades!


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