Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stomach Candy

Ring: Dorothy Perkins
And yes, tied some thread at the back of it because it was too big 

Studied with the usual lovely people in the afternoon! Camped at starbucks the whole day and we got restless by five. Of course, the camera and singing weird things took over.

Had a dad & daughter's night out and Dad decided on french food for dinner. French was never my thing (or thaaaaaang with a slaaaaang) since young after ordering some random Vegetarian Tofu Lasagna during one of our dinners in a french bistro in Vietnam. Only because TOFU was the only recognisable thing on the menu and no, I did not leave the restaurant screaming J E T'AIMEEEEEEEE that night. But of course, 4 years into the present, I really had a good meal! People looking for affordable + good french food: just 2 blocks away from Raffles place is Savuer. It does no reservations, and waiting time is probably about half an hour. BUT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT I PROMISE (or swear if i could) UPON MY CLOTHES. It was about 35 sgd each person for three courses. One of the better dishes were the Mesclun salad with crispy duck, foie gras, beef bourguignon, barramundi and chocolate with hazelnuts.

AND YES! It is definitely a Je T'aime scream-able sort of place!


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