Saturday, September 22, 2012

More than that,

On me:

Top: Nike, Bottoms: Topshop, Shoes: Be&D, Backpack: Editor's Market, Hat: DKNY, Accesories: Topshop, Aldo

On Nat:
Top: Topshop, Bottoms: Topshop, Shoes: Vans, Bag: Topshop

So yesterday, Nat and I (missed you Nut) headed out to Haji Lane (thanks Afza!)! Wasn't easy nor hard to find- let's just say it was on a google-mappable-level ;) Though honestly if we have to do it in a Dora way-

Ophir road,
Arab Street, 

Haji lane was definitely a more-than-meets-the-eye case! Just a row of shops, but we took 4 hours to pretty much finish all the shopping and looking. Tiny treasures found within, and no- i doubt you'll be wearing the same dress sally/mary/tony/tom/dick/harry would be wearing to some party if you got yours here. Look out especially for MODPARADE and Eighty Two tales, two of the better shops holding much originality in their collection looks that others may not.

The rain destroyed the continuation of exploring deeper towards the other sides and corners of the lanes- but of course, opportunity struck! Natalie, the all time camwhoring enthusiast, suggested getting our outfits shot under umbrellas. The results (pictures on top) nonetheless- pictures with pretty glowing floors caused by raindrops.

Okay, before I get to fangirling about the floors- here's a tip. If you're a dog/cat enthusiast or not, keep your eyes open for little furry stuff hiding in corners of a shop sleeping!

 xoxoxoxo have a good saturdayyyyy!


  1. Hi! Just wondering but what can these army-jacket be worn with? Well considering you must've gotten these with an outfit or two in mind already :)

    1. Hello! Hehe spot on- actually have been thinking of what to wear it with this saturday! (whee cant wait!) Well personally, this jacket makes an incredible shopping companion. I'd always wanna wear just a top and shorts to shop (trying on clothes=so much easier!), and with something to add a chic touch to the outfit. SO VOILA! This jacket is easy to slip on, +++ it's a statement piece!

      On other occasions though, I see myself wearing it with a skater dress or even a sheer (for epic and beautiful texture contrast!) dress to still get on the feminine side despite the manly-looking army jacket ;). But of course, jeans and boots would look great with it for a total military look! Most important thing is to keep the jacket in the limelight, and your other parts of the outfit away from outshining it!

      Haha hoped this helped!! Do ask more if anythinggg :)
      xxxx Tessa


  3. i think your style's really lovely. you pull off the chic look really well.

    keep writing, yaw.


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