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First of all- Thank God for the sealed, saved spot for next year! With that in mind, worrying for the O levels does not really matter (much), though i'm detesting that slack-ish side of me that's pulling me away from the 11 points that i've always dreamed to have.

ANYWAY, TODAY I DECIDED TO DO A SUMMARY ON WHAT'S BEEN ON FASHION WEEK BECAUSE IT'S BEEN SO LONG (yes i miss hogging the computer all day long while wishing that the food on tumblr had a scratch-and-sniff function too). Hence or otherwise, begin!

This month, Fashion Week SS13 wants to tell you:

1. it's okay to have a couple-tee with your rugby boyfriend now

Left to right: Acne, Topshop Unique

Forget the puffed up seamed little shoulders we used to have last year, because the new shoulders made last year's look like child's play. The shoulder extremists this time are making it work, and it's winning my heart pretty effectively. With huge and attention-seeking silhouettes being emphasized on the arms, maybe it's time to give your stomach a little treat- because the focus wouldn't be on it this coming spring. OH AND, is anyone else suddenly getting reminded of Comme Des Garcons' previous collection by all this big-emphasis-stuff?? (below)

 2. your jackets need some new cutting edge

Top: Acne

With everyone wanting it to stay, the element of surprise and something new (hence creating a dramatic effect using tone in colours and materials- literature students: note ;) ) elevates the Baseball Jacket higher into the limelight, but this time with an edgy mix. Acne uses leather to create a number that screams loud and yet chic at the same time. Grab those sewing machines and cut out some sleeves- it's out in with the old and in with the new!

3. When art class inspires, this happens

From left to right: Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, Christopher Kane

Cutting and pasting has been brought to a whole new dimension with pieces being created by the idea. Forget the intricate details and patterns for once- this trend says ditch those sewing needles and let the scissors do the magic! Materials needed: Scissors, scotch tape.
 Aaaand possibly a hole puncher..

Left: Alexander Wang, Right: Giles

 4. Scan through these bar codes

 Left to right: Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs, Thomas Tait

Vertically or horizontally, stripes are the next big thing since the iPhone 5 (wheeeee)! Whether in neon, white, black or polka dot (i don't know how that would work), you're set to stand out within the crowd. Especially if you're looking to look taller this coming spring- it's time to grab some vertically-striped pants!

 Victoria Beckham

5. get Mad for Metal

 Left to right: Burberry Prorsum, Topshop Unique, Louise Gray
Spring calls for hideouts in the kitchen looking for aluminium foil! Highly reflective and metallic looks are everywhere on the runway from head to toe. With Burberry Prorsum taking the lead in reinventing it's many original looks to include this trend, there's no other clearer clue that Metal is becoming the key piece you'll need in your wardrobe. 

6. Your bathrobe's looking goooood

 Left to right: See By ChloĆ©, Topshop Unique

Well, yes. Maybe it's time to take your bathrobe out for a little walk. This is probably the biggest ever sign that you're actually looking good in your toilet with your bathrobe on. If you've ever stepped outside forgetting to remove your bathrobe- take this as a comfort-call that maybe it wasn't that embarrassing after all.

7. The detail's everything

 Left to Right: Moschino Cheap and Chic, Helmut Lang, Mary Katrantzou

There's more than meets the eye for this trend. Details are everything and designers are doing more than just scribbling with a sharpie this time! Sewn or printed (or maybe even painted- let's wait for couture!), attention is being paid to this one. Watch out girls, make sure you bring your maginifying glasses the next time you go shopping. 

Hence or otherwise,

New York and London have already shown what's to expect for our wardrobes next Spring/Summer.

Whether you're one who'd wanna leave the house without changing out of your bathrobe (lazy syndrome) or the kind who cares so much about looking at the smaller details than the larger ones (*cough* women *cough*), this coming season is one screaming all kinds of personalities!


Hahaha, goodnight!!

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  1. Pleasantly detailed and interestingly informative. I'm not even into fashion but your writing style is sure to get anyone with any irrelevant interest engaged.

  2. Witty and informative! Dramatic effect haahaa. Like the way you put various designs' together from different designers and analysing their similarities. Would love to read more from you hahah. Va va voom entry! Would love to see more pics! Xoxo christian

    1. Thank you so much Christian! Ahh cannot tell you how much this means to me haha :)). Alrightey will deffy feed you with more eyecandy next time! xxx

  3. You really have all that's required to be a brilliant fashion journalist ! Really hope you'll continue to write and I believe that you will have a very bright future in this path if you're taking it as your passion or even better , as your profession someday !!! Wish you all the best okay . And I must say , you're pretty amazing looking ;)


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