Monday, August 25, 2014


Room wall | H&M Baseball top and The Editor's Market Backpack | Editorials by DANSK

Goals, goals, goals-
1. To learn to be less lazy and emit all contraction-usage on the blog. (isn't it the best thing ever though?)
2. To wake up early enough to actually see the morning sun
3. Not end a month with -$100 and a thousand impulsive buys
4. Not end a month with $1000 and a hundred why-didn't-I-invest-in-that regrets
5. To finally get rid of the year-old blonde ends
6. To work on things I've always wanted to on the blog

There are many reasons to smile (whoa whoa whoa it's the cliche dentist advertisement line!) about school holidays but this one is going to be like no other. 

The smell of September comes briefly with birthday candles to blow for SuedeFingers' third birthday. It's the third year since I first made this site public and yes, a very enthusiastic entrance I did make. Click here for a throwback of such.

I cannot deny that blogging isn't easy when you've grades to fight for in the education department, let alone try to avoid a writer's block or give more attention to coconut popsicles. However, SuedeFingers has become my best friend for fashionable ranting- my trusty listening ear indeed.

With that, there is so much to anticipate this coming month and the number of excitement dances done might have skyrocketed to possibly about a year's worth of dance central. (That being said, I don't even own a Kinect)

I have been spending lots of time sourcing for inspiration, particularly from editorials. Bookstores, museums, photographers, places and magazines are just one of the few things I might have to thank for all the resources (as seen on the wall). This week's favourite has to be DANSK's thoughtful editorials. I cannot believe I actually spent my last $20 on it instead of Vogue's September Issue.

Here's to a great holiday and September- I promise to go for that haircut before October, yes yes yes yes.

Lots of love and goals come true,


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