Friday, August 15, 2014

Clean-cut Canvas: Dion Lee

If it isn't friday- the time of the week when we end up in a detrimental state of overflowing school work but succumb to great writing inspiration. 

If there is one thing I love about assignments, it is the fact that online shopping can easily pass off as inspiration-sourcing. And call me a civil servant to the world of inspiration-sourcing because I'm bought every time net-a-porter decides to help shove my way to a page with Alexander Wang boots that cost as much as 300 jars of apricot jam that I wouldn't be able to finish in a lifetime. 

I don't even like apricot jam. (Shoutout to my fridge for jam inspiration though) 

Boots and jam aside, sourcing has done me well with newer perspectives and yet another designer to rave about. I've been shuddering over the amount of money spent on my sushi dinners and not his clothing:

Australia has been breeding a new generation of designers that make waking up in clean-cut tailoring the new norm. If New York has Wang to make the outta-bed clean-cut look, Australia has Dion Lee to make the I-don't-need-anything-else-in-life clean-cut look.

Structured, well-tailored and a great eye for detail would be a few terms to describe him. While paying tribute to traditional tailoring, the 24 year-old designer finds it in himself to create art out of it. And the result? Think numbers that accessorise themselves along the way with eccentric, crisp tailoring. This- complex simplicity- is new art. (Okay fine, art never grows old but still.)

While we see his pieces as to-die-for additions to our wardrobes, Dion Lee's pieces reflect a kind of reinvention that just bites at every tailored corner, making us wonder "why didn't I think of that?!" Truly, Lee has to be a representative of a blooming generation- eager to find beauty in old things to piece on a brand new canvas- and alas, a complete painting.

To say the least, I am ecstatic that Dion Lee's eye for quality and detail has met an audience that is willing to support the designer to greater heights. If this is what he is now, I cannot wait to see the powerhouse he's bound to lead in the next few years. 

Lots of love and 'inspiration-sourcing', 


Images via Vogue/ everywhere maybe.

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