Friday, April 4, 2014

S/S 2014: The Birken-Sandal trend

As the snow leaves with the chilly spirit, leaving space for bean sprouts to germinate (beautiful thought isn't it) and eggs to fry on your hot-enough pavement, the boots leave too. Of course, a well needed replacement widens the gap where our feet's exposed and we're well on our way to this:

Ida IV, Zara, Birkenstock, Gentle Souls, Givenchy

Not too sure about other countries, but the Asian one like mine has expressed its love for these sandals ages ago. Except, well- it's a different crowd we're talking about. Think grandfathers situated in the likely old-man-scene, sitting in a coffee shop with one leg up. 

I'm not into the idea of achieve the old man's look, but I'm in on this trend for another reason- the power of toning an outfit down is in great hands of this one, and it's going on maximum with the advantage-taking. My first night with it called for major experimentation (don't we all turn our wardrobes upside down, dancing around the house in all the skirts that actually match the new shoes?!) and I least expected myself to be doing the dance in my prom skirt. 

WHY YES, the once ballroom-dancing appropriate skirt has transformed itself into a shopping-mall friendly one. Whether Birkenstocks, BirkWannabes (that's mine uhuh), nike slippers or $5 ones off the market, the possibilities with the sandals can get so limitless- you'll never know what's germinating in this trend. 

Nonetheless, here's my take, three ways that have germinated whilst wardrobe dancing ;) 

One. Weightless Statement
Bershka jacket, H&M wool hat, Zalora Sandals, Topshop earrings and eyeshadow

A leather jacket and a giant floppy hat elevates statement making into a whole new level. Whilst all the attention seeking, the sandals add an effortless touch. While you're busy (secretly)(YES- guilty as charged, I ALWAYS suffer in the hot weather) dealing with the tight fitting jacket and floppy hat, ease it down with the easy slip-on sandals- giving you a smooth look without forgetting the edge.

 (pretty obvious that I've been having too much fun playing with photoshop HAHA)

Two. Lazy day Edge
Zara lace top, H&M laced-up hot shorts, ModParade lip brooch, Juicy Couture Eu de Parfum, favourite Benefit tints (review here!)
I've always had a thing for leather clashing with something soft- which, in this case is lace. There is always a kind of beauty that comes in with clashing textures or patterns, it's so wrong that it actually works. Fix some good hairspray (always sworn by L'oreal's Elnett spray- cheap and good) for the day and you're pretty much all ready to rule the world. Well, I like to feel that I can.

Three. Sportsluxe Rules
Thrifted Wilson Jersey (yes, my best friend checked it and apparently I'm supporting a retired player), Topshop Accessories 

There's nothing to not love when it comes to mixing sports and a sandal so casual. However the biggest faux pas that we might overlook is looking more like a player who just came out of the shower in slippers instead of someone ready to go out. Forget those worries by going on some heavy accessorising, keeping the clothing straightforward. Complimenting the jersey's colours will do the trick too, putting you one point closer to victory ;)

So here's to the season of Birken-sandals, yet another trend I never expected myself to be writing about!

Lots of Love and Sandal wearing,

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