Monday, April 8, 2013

Favourite Trio: #2!

heart trobblingly, feet wobblingly, brain explodingly:
faux leather baseball cap, Benefit's Sugarlicious makeup kit, old Nike School shoes

The time has come for the presentation of three of my biggest obsessions of the moment, YAY I LOVE THESE MOMENTS. Okay, let's skip the expression-of-feelings part before I start majoring in philosophy.

1. faux leather baseball cap/ H&M

Give me a choice between faux or real leather and I'll choose faux anytime- at least it doesn't smell under the hot sun. Faux leather especially comes in handy when you're in sunny and humid Singapore, where the easiest way for an insurance company to go bankrupt is to sell insurance policies that it will never be hot Singapore.

I got this baby at a H&M sale in London and have never let go of it ever since. There's something so lovable about having a cap- it's always the best outfit-completer and easily hides all your bad-hair-day hairdos! (ding ding ding +1 point)

2.  Lip and Cheek kit/ Benefit


FOR THE LOVE OF THINGS THAT DON'T LOOK LIKE THEY MAKE A DIFFERENCE BUT ACTUALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Rated 5 full stars on Sephora's website, Benefit's kits really are the biggest angels to a bad-face-day kind of morning. Throw in our early-morning pouts and terrible moods after stupid pigeons peck on our windows- I get you:


I got this life saver for my birthday from a good family friend. I never knew of it's existence before my birthday nor saw any importance in getting makeup outside the lipgloss/eyeliner/foundation catogory. Well, maybe until I got hold of this box of goodness. 

I really cannot explain how they help but they just do- your cheeks look great and perked up without too much of the *bling* effect and your lips are completely covered with the lip/cheek tint aka Benetint (see below) and lipgloss.

 I forgot to mention- it tastes good too

Delicious-tasting and sweet-smelling, no other better kit than this. Yeap, I'm already fully fledged fan. #101ThingsToHaveBeforeYouDie

3. Sneakers and rainbow laces/ Nike and SportsDirect


In my dictionary, anything that I've managed to spend a year with becomes vintage. So yeap,

Vintage library books
Vintage phone
Vintage Teri (my photographer cum sister)
and of course, Vintage sneakers

By now you probably would've figured that these Nike sneakers must've had a fairshare of years with me. True enough, it was my companion, my guide, my everything (jk, not so) back in Secondary school.

I admit, I'm a very sentimental person. So you'll never find me throwing away things (especially shoes and clothes) until doomsday comes when mom decides to get frustrated over the mess my unneeded things. So of course, the strategy to throwing away less things is finding a need in the unneeded. 

When life gives you boring school shoes, make not-so-boring shoes with rainbow laces!

So then came the rainbow laces from Sports Direct at a total bargain (1 pound!) and I actually found good use for this pair of shoes eversince. Memory-carrying + pretty laces + durable + comfortable (and minus the SECONDARYSCHOOLKID look) , can't get any better than this!

So that's it for three of my favourite things at the moment! Be sure to try out the Benefit kit and tell me all about your love for it ;). And if you're looking for the exact same laces, here



  1. The shoelace tip is a lifesaver. Thanks loads xx

  2. This is such a lovely post! That Sugarlicious makeup kit looks amazing.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I am now following you on Twitter.

    xo, Meera

    1. Hey Meera! Haha thank you for the follow :)

      And the Sugarlicious kit's even better than it looks ;D

  3. Your cap is great. I've never seen this one at H&M.

    1. HEY GIGI!

      Yeah I'm glad to found it too, it was the last piece hanging on the sale rack- couldn't resist teehee :B

  4. Loving this post! Wish my curly hair allowed for gorgeous caps like this one.
    I'm really loving your blog and so I'm not following on bloglovin' and GFC.

    Do stop by my blog!
    x Mariana |

    1. Thank you Mariana!

      Haha how funny, I've actually always wanted curly hair to pair 'em up with my hats!!

      Thank you, I'll check out your blog :)

  5. Wow pretty! Try to visit they have nice dresses and accessories too!


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