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Fashion Week Edit: A/W13

Fashion Week, ah. The time of the year when us girls feed on low-carb popcorn with less sugar and survive on diet coke, while spending time in front of our heated up laptops, waiting for Cara to walk down the runway and for our turn to tweet "GO CARA GO CARA GO CARA." (because honestly speaking, that's the only model we can seem to recognize under all that heavy makeup)

Across four of the world's largest fashion cities, shows were walked to translate this autumn/winter's biggest trends into numbers. This season's shows were jet-packed with most-gossip-worthy news, from Galliano being a part of Oscar de la Renta to Alexander Wang heading Balenciaga for the first time. AND BOYYYYY the most exciting thing, of course, is to find out what's next for our wardrobes in a few months' time! WE. WE. WE SO EXCITED.

Following the same format that I did for the SS13 post,



1. It's the ultimate battle of the sexes

 Left to right: Band of Outsiders, Carolina Herrera, Band of Outsiders, Balmain, Burberry

Ah, the battle of the sexes. Nobody does it better than designers. It's the time of the year when girls get bored over skirts and dresses and start turning to the men's section instead (guilty as charged) and start the battle in WHO WEARS IT BETTER? magazine columns. Gladly, I'm welcoming this trend with open arms because:

*eats popcorn*

Kristen's Advice of the Day: to counter-attack (used to be) ex-boyfriend, wear similar suit but wear it better.
(though Robert still wins, in my opinion)

Other than a revenge tool, menswear is a pretty fresh and interesting take on our wardrobes. Create bold looks with broad, masculine shoulders and you'll be singing "Who runs the world" better than Beyoncé anytime.

2. Pink is the new black


Left to right: Cédric Charlier, Band of Outsiders, Balmain, Carven 

Don't worry, you're not alone- I'm having an omg-its-a-pink-panther-invasion moment too. This season's shows had models marching down in pink hues that almost resembled a sea of Percy Pigs.  Perk up the cold, wintry blues (or rainy in our Singaporean case. boo.) with shades of pink- or even just head down to Marks and Spencers for a packet of those gummy pigs to get a taste of what autumn's gonna be like ;)

3. Your old school uniforms are your new #OOTDS


Left to right: Celine, Ashish, Gucci, Comme des Garçons

OKAY DON'T FREAK OUT, TAKE A DEEP BREATH: Don't worry, that's not you in your school uniform on the runway (and definitely not in the Comme des Garçons). Un-fold those skirts and pull up plaid trousers, show school spirit in a school pullover too (WHOOOOH, TP SPIRIT)- do it the Ashish (above) way. Whoever said school was boring probably hasn't seen what's about to happen this coming semester.

4. You'll be needing bottoms of the pyjama category

Left to right: Carolina Herrera, Christopher Kane, Chloe

Walk your way this autumn/winter in nostalgic slumber pieces we used wear to our best friend's slumber party (that is, before FBTs started to reign the sleeping/eating/shopping/running/everything dresscode). Whether in Carolina Herrera's take on a patterned number or a statement-making colour like Christopher Kane, you can't go wrong with this one. In fact, why not start now- your pyjama wardrobe's all ready!

5. Calling all bakers: here's your chance to shine

 From left to right: Balmain, Ashish, Central Saint Martins

It was only a few months ago when designers got hooked onto metallic pieces aluminium foil and created inspiration for even the biggest labels like Burberry: 

True enough, the obsession over our mom's baking essential brought it to the hall of fame across all kinds of magazine spreads too,

This coming autumn/winter leaves no exception (YAY) and leaves no foil behind. Metallics are definitely here to stay, and there's no bigger message that it's the ultimate investment that'll last you through this year! 

6. Trending 'copy and paste' of the season: our flooring

Left to right: Carven, Balenciaga, Band of Outsiders

For the love of really random patterns, it seems like fashion week has a crush on it too. Alexander Wang's debut at Balenciaga brought upon numbers resembling our um, marble floors. Crazy, but it is rather love-worthy, no? After all, anything that looks like a good ol' slice of marble cake deserves such attention.

The likelihood of marbled flooring being entirely Sold out? 0% ("but in this world, nothing is definite" fine ok fine) Corrections, 0.1%. The likelihood of clothes that look like marbled flooring being entirely sold out? 100%, soon >:)



Left to Right: Dior, Ralph Lauren, Carolina Herrera, Chloé

Forget the thought of winter's sad layers of coats (that make us the equivalent of fishballs), because the hourglasses are making their way back into the spotlight! Think major waist-belt investments and skin-hugging dresses, and you're on your way to an interesting season. Sounds like the perfect time to give up that plate of foie gras and bring the lemonade diet back into plan, non?

8. Nobody said rubbing shoulders couldn't be done fashionably

 Left to right: Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Gucci 

This A/W, Broad shoulders play the complementing appetisers to the Masculine trend (see: battle of the sexes). On that note, cue in the bold cuts at the top and a beautiful silhouette all the way down- whether in the minimal black or playful colours like Bottega Veneta. Ah, sounds like the perfect time to carry out Operation rubshoulderswithahotguy WHEEEEEE.


+ fashion week was inspired by our house (see: flooring)
+ cake of the day is marble cake
+ aaaaand no, don't do it the Kristen Stewart way. Because for all you know, you'll be getting back together with him. (CONGRATS)
+ To mothers with kids who love to DIY but practically lose interest after 6.5 minutes: HIDE YOUR ALUMINIUM FOIL

On a more serious note, I really hope you enjoyed reading the post! Trends and writing get me really excited so Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer fashion weeks always give me the best opportunity to practice! Would love to read your comments/criticism/take on marbled cake toooo!



photo credits: and google

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