Wednesday, December 7, 2011

who needs superman when you got these

It's been way too long since i last blogged. School (with blazers that need to be resized big time), friends, outings, shopping and exams.

Finally back on track with thoughts of wanting this and that in Vogue. Been crazing over a pair of Alexander Wang Fabianas once seen on Rumi Neely and last i checked, it's on sale!!!!! (hell to the yes!) Thinking of selling teri's piano to get a dozen of those. The joy when you stride down the house balcony in your new shoes (hello, you wouldn't want rain to wet that leather strap would you?)

 Oh look, there's a tiny cape behind!

It seems like these Fabianas are here to stay for the season. and maybe the next. or until some new genius comes up with another potential shopper-population-attention-grasping shoe like one of those Jeffrey Campbell Litas that hit every shop every departmental store and every shop filled with shoes you've probably once seen on tumblr (yes yes i admit, guilty as charged- i drool at them too) . There's even a tumblr dedicated to them. Ah, the new era of our graduation pictures on huge chunks of wooden-heeled shoes instead of the mugs.

but anyway, no hate intended, i remember once hyperventillating when i first came across them. and i think i just did again when i saw one in NUTELLAAA (!!)

 thumbs up to the power of two!

But anyway, till the cape-shoe craze dies down (i doubt), i'll be here fantasizing. And did i mention? Seen it four times today already!


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