Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rainbow Bread

Polka-dot sleeveless top: Topshop
Tapered bottoms: Zara
Bag: Hush Puppies
Flats: Mondo
Sunglasses: Calvin Klein
Bracelets: Topshop

Ice cream: Heaven.
The best part about going out on the sunniest days of Singapore is when you meet the $1 ice cream man! Except sadly they've raised it to $1.20 and it doesn't become fun passing small change instead of just a little coin. The rainbow bread is probably just enough eye candy to make you feel full, plus the cheap chocolate-y taste of the ice cream brings the whole thing to a level of perfection. Ah, cheap thrills.
Yesterday was shopping day for my school's councilor investiture and we set out looking for the perfect drapes. It was fun bargaining, we managed to lower the price from 80 to 60- whoohoo. Of course, bargaining with style was just as important. It was my first time wearing my new top from Topshop. Heck, i fell in love with it when i first tried it out in the dressing room. It was actually just for fun, but it actually landed in my hands! Love it- yes, no?

Picture by Natasha. Me (left) , Isabelle (right), Man with shoe (weird

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