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Art hitting home: Audi Star Creation Capsule Collections

Without a doubt, this post took me longer than I should have to churn out- but magic never dies nonetheless, especially when it is etched on garments like these. So:

The one thing that never fails to get to me, all the time, is when people's emotions are intertwined with designs- and they are so strong that you find your heart catapulted off a cliff somewhere in Australia.

I can only imagine how much of a challenge it is to churn out a collection filled with so much personal emotions, yet possibly distant in the eyes of the audience. Let's be realistic- the collections would not have been able to say much if we did not know their origins. 

However when the story was out, the collections thrived on their own, growing legs- crawling, walking and slowly running into a world of imagination that only the designers could plant seeds on.


The Audi Star Creation Capsule Showcase featured 2013's winners- being Vu Ta Linh and Sun Ji Yin. Just like every new collection, it was a breath of fresh air when usual sources inspiration were interpreted through intricately cultivated designs that surprised. 

My favourite pieces came from Vu Ta Linh's collection, inspired by a Vietnamese song, "Indigo" (crowned the name of his collection too), with lyrics that went "“Say what you want to say, do what you want to do”.

There is a kind of uncertainty when you look at his pieces- first you wonder if it is a Robin Hood story he wants to tell with that piece. Then you look again and the mix of techniques do not just paint a single picture. Numbers filled with modern robes, shirts and sudden hints of the traditional ao dai (a vietnamese costume) spoke of an unexplored kind of daring- the result of experimentation gone right.
A mix of textures like wool, organza and cotton played well on the bodies, bringing in the mood for a kind of relaxed disposition. Hidden in between many, structured and tailored compositions were spoken of- one of which, a shirt, laying behind a robe draped over an organza piece in which I presumed was a skirt.

In an interview, the designer mentioned that he wanted to "become his own inspiration"- something that personally struck me as it has been a longtime philosophy of mine too. I fondly appreciated this collection for its daringness that left me in inquisition yet swooning over the successful looks throughout the show.

Before Indigo went on the runway, KSANYUSUN was a beautiful throwback into the familiar horizons of Singapore with an eccentric idea of winter hitting home. Sun Ji Yin did a wonderful job by translating her past experiences (outside Singapore too) into the idea of a wintry Singapore. It is a clash of negative and positive, cold and hot, old-fashioned and modern.

 Shirts and pants suggested our usual work and school dress codes- I interpreted them as the colours of cold and a familiar routine. While the black and white created the mood, there was an outburst of a playful colour palette in orange and green- hitting the direction of a warm summer that we see everyday too. It is a mix of emotions and environment- making us wonder which colour palette belonged to each.

The shoes were very complimentary- slip ons that resembled a formal, covered shoe. It is explanatory, no?

Halfway through the collection, The Neighbourhood's Sweater Weather played a good role in bringing the mood. Wool numbers slouched across shoulders, yet staying structurally sleek. The patterns, however, bloomed on the monochromatic canvas- seeking a kind of positiveness that neutralised the cold, wintry atmosphere. 


The show was exhilarating and getting to witness it in person was a breath of fresh air. It definitely was a milestone for SuedeFingers and personally, an experience has been motivating me to fight even more for such chances.

I do like the art that fashion portrays, sometimes I cannot contemplate how we can bear to even wear them. But guilty as charged- I'd be running to the stores for them if I actually could.

Lots of love and a wintry Singapore,

Pictures from the official Star Creation site

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