Monday, April 14, 2014

#TheMasonExperiment: Pre-workout overnight oats

IT'S THE TIME OF THE MONTH AGAIN- no, I'm sadly not stalking the Jenners at Coachella either. Sorry, no breaking news coming from me. The jar-obsessed girl in me comes back scribbling on the blog, showing yet another magical moment with it! Although honestly, this recipe really is one that I've been concocting just about every other day.

Nothing spells morning breakfast than your favourite combinations, and today's post is definitely one from the heart- a day starter that has brought me through many workouts whilst my stomach sits satisfied with a huge chunk of oats. Oats is a good source of carbs, especially if you're the kind who opts for the Big Breakfast over the muffin! (application for the Big Breakfast club will commence immediately) 

Think soya milk a la thick oats and a smooth finish with the greek yoghurt- uhuh you're almost there. And then a giant buffet of your favourite fruits- bingo. The best part about such breakfasts is that they require zero cooking time and are supposed to be prepared the night before- so that late risers (by late I mean the one where you prioritise sleep over being on time) like us can just grab & go and try to reach boxing class on time!

I got inspiration from Lauren Conrad and EatLiveRun for this recipe but eliminated and added some stuff to make my stomach happy and to satisfy my pre-workout needs. I'd recommend using the Mason Jar as it is smell-proof and your breakfast wouldn't smell like the garlic in your fridge. Also, If you're looking to use this as pre-workout fuel, make sure you consume it at least an hour before! 

Overnight Oats (makes 1 serving)


  • 1/2 cup oats (I've tried instant ones and they work perfectly) // good source of carbs
  • 1/2 cup greek yoghurt // higher in protein compared to normal yoghurt 
  • 1/2 cup soy milk (I used the ones with reduced sugar) // great calcium source, jet-packed with flavor and acts as the sweetener
  • A cup of your favourite fruits (strawberries and mangoes for me!)
  • Sugar  WHOOHOO leave it to the soy milk

Tools you'll need:

  • Mason Jar


  • Mix the oats, yoghurt and soy milk till thick and creamy (Caution: stay away from tasting unless you're planning to finish it before the next morning)
  • Chop up some of your favourite fruits! (I really encourage you to try exploring different ways of cutting them. Sounds really crazy but different people eat their food differently and finding your favourite cutting style makes it more enjoyable. Like I'm a sliced-strawberry kind of person instead of a halve-strawberry girl because I like my strawberries smaller and flat on the spoon HAHA NO KIDDING)
  • Mix it up and cover it with the Mason Jar cap, pop it in the fridge till the next morning!

Try it out and fill me in on whether you're in love with it too! (P.S application for the overnight oats club will be commencing soon.) Always loving a clean meal in the morning.

Lots of love and oats,

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