Friday, January 25, 2013

the dyeing decision (THIS IS A SRS POST OK)

Top: American Apparel , Skirt: market in Tokyo , Old school sneakers: Nike, Necklace: London's Sunday Upmarket, Sunglasses: Primark

 Many people have been asking me about dip-dyeing my hair, and whether it's worth a go! This post will be able to answer all your questions and doubts, and (hopefully) help you make the dyeing decision! IF YOU DO HAVE ANYMORE QUESTIONS THOUGH PLEASE COMMENT!


1. Bleaching
Getting a very bright colour like mine onto black/dark/Asian hair is no joke! It takes at least 2 bleaches. My hair dresser at shunji matsuo recommended that I do three, as whiter hair will be able to hold brighter colours (if not, the colour will look darker or completely different). I had to go back to the salon twice to get all three bleaches. Total damage done: $214, with very dry hair

OKAY SO MAYBE BLEACHING MAY NOT GIVE YOU SUCHHH A SAD ENDING. There's still hope! Ensuring that my hair still looks as 'healthy' as possible is priority. So I decided to give my bleached hair a rest for 3 days. I washed my hair everyday with BED HEAD's Dumb Blonde deep conditioner ($30) and Gionvanni hair treatment spray ($15) from sasa. My hair was still dry, but as I'm approaching a week since I bleached, it has become less dry! (but urgh annoying dead ends still present)

3. Colour!I used La Riche Directions in Atlantic Blue to achieve my current colour! I bought it in London ($10 sgd), which is way way waaay cheaper than buying it online here ($25+ sgd). IF YOU ARE IN LONDON, PLEAAAAAASE DON'T WASTE THE CHANCE- BUY IT! IM CURRENTLY MOURNING OVER THE EXTRA 15 DOLLARS IM PAYING FOR HERE. Even buying it online and getting it delivered to you anywhere in Europe is much cheaper!

Shereen and I watched many many YouTube tutorials to get a brief idea of what's needed and advised! After colouring and rinsing it, the dye was still slowly seeping into my hair (if that even makes sense). Be warned- the dye stained my precious white top on my first blue-haired day!

4. Maintaining
YES IT WAS SO FUN TAKING PICS OF MY NEW SMURF-DO but there's more to do behind the scenes! I haven't (and cannot) stopped deep conditioning my hair since I bleached my hair last week. I'm almost halfway through finishing my deep conditioner, but the hair has become a little softer! Split ends are still present, and combing it is only made easier by spraying at least 1/15 of the Hair treatment spray after every hair wash. At this point, hair treatment (which is not hair treatment spray, don't get confused!) is not needed but I'll be going for it as I'm intending to keep this hair for a long time! 

  2. After sixteen years of black hair, you still want black hair? really?
  3. Dip dyeing/ombres are still in trend this 2013. Ombre is the hot new way to do it. Google: Prada does Ombre
  4. Really, though, if you're the adventurous sort- this really gives your heart a great sense of achievement. And boy, does it come back every time you look in the mirror.
  1. It can cost alot- I've spent about $280 (sgd) so far on everything. DISCLAIMER: BECAUSE I CHOSE TO GO TO A SALON INSTEAD OF BLEACHING MY HAIR AT HOME
  2. Brands with the nicer and popular colours are mostly semi-permanent dyes, meaning they slowly wash off. Which also means (gaaaah) replenishing the colour on a 2 week-or-so basis is imperative to keep a full shade of colour on. This can cost $15-40 (if you're in Singapore) a tub. (**EDITED 2 JUN '13: some out there do sell for as low at $8!)
  3. Hair gets damaged if no hair treatment is done.
  4. It is time consuming if you're a busy bee! 6 hours spent to bleach, another 2 to apply the colour.

It took me 2 weeks to finally give it a shot, after reminding myself that YOLO (stupid but so true heh)! However if you're still indecisive, comment or text me or DM me or whatever because being there and done-ing that really is a true experience of it's own- which can be good to some, or not so good.

If you've already made up your mind, here are some details which (i hope) will be of help to you!
  • I bleached my hair at Shunji Matsuo @ Holland Village for $214 for 3 bleaches and 2 hair washes after the bleaching. (6 hours in total)
  • To buy the La Riche Directions or Manic Panic hair colour in Singapore, get it online at gmarket, ebay, or at Hairpy Days
  • I highly recommend Bed Head's Dumb Blonde as a deep conditioner (a conditioner specially for damaged hair after bleaching/colouring) . Get it at Sasa @ $30 
SO THATS ABOUT ITTTTTTTT! I hope this helped y'all! Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or comment or whatever! Thank you for reading! ALL THE BEST TO ALL YOU DYE-ERS OUT THERE WHEEEEEE




  1. Hey, where did you get your Dumb Blonde exactly? I've been to a few Sasas and they never seem to have any of the Dumb Blonde.

    1. Hi! I got mine at jurong point's sasa! You could try that. Some hair salons also do carry it, usually the neighborhood ones :)

  2. Hey Tessa, do you know where in Singapore I can get Directions hair dye for $8 a tub?? much thanks xx

    1. Hello! I've been ordering from, do check it out! Cheap, efficient and the seller's really nice.

  3. Hey, where did you buy your hair dye in London? ie. address and shop name
    and how did you stain your shirt like, is it only on the first day after you showered or what

    1. hey love, i got it in a shop at camden! but im sure they sell it everywhere, its a really common brand! yeap, for a few days it stayed that way :)

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