Sunday, November 11, 2012

When clothes tell stories

Faux leather panelled t-shirt: KISSJANE, Denim high waisted bottoms: forever21, Suede Oxfords: Market in Taiwan, Armshield (mwahaha): Aldo, Belt: Mom's

Before starting on a new chapter about my affinity with this leather shirt, here's a moment to all my readers! About 26.5 meals/ 11 episodes of Boys Over Flowers (BOMB DIGGITY)/ 1 barfing-good-time in the middle of a lovely evening/ and lots of lunches eating chicken rice without the chicken (because duh the chicken rice is bomb diggity too) / 6 days ago, there came the 1000th view on my blog. Well yes- maybe it's a tiny sum to others but let's just say it got me smiling throughout my whole lunch. And the next few days! Thank you so much to friends, family (hi dad), Polyvorously-matchmade friends, and to anyone out there whose 1 little click into this blog made this actually happen. It's always been a dream to have others read my writing about this thing called fashion.


I had to dig out something casual to wear yesterday as my cell group planned to play Twister and warned us dress-enthusiasts to wear a pair of shorts instead. Of course, this meant another wardrobe malfunction as a boring old t-shirt-and-shorts outfit has happened one too many times.

Nevertheless, this old faux-leather top made the outfit! I got it a few months back from kissjane, after thinking two straight days if I actually really liked it. On that second day, I woke up thinking of the top so it was time to make my way back to Kissjane and look for it (where i secretly hid it deep in the rack so that nobody would fall in love with it mwahaha). Of course, success!

I love how clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry have so many stories to tell. They hold the craziest of memories. Sometimes clothes, these materialistic things, can take so much to get for yourself or even a loved one. Whether it's working hard or skipping that cup of Starbucks for a whole month, it can be really tough. But it's really everything in between that we live for, the love and blessings from others that push us on to persevere to get that crazy pair of shoes or the dream bag that makes the whole experience count. And at the end of the day, these are the stories that stay closest to our hearts.

To end this post, thank you once again to anyone of you reading this. For bothering to read, comment, make my day, or for having supported me in this journey since day one. Instead of clothes, this time, SuedeFingers will always hold a story that's close to my heart :)

 And of course to end-like-really-end this post, if there were actually bloopers during photo-taking moments, here's me almost falling down the stairs:


Have lovely Sunday! (and here's the last ALL THE BEST! to all bio & clb friends!)


  1. Hi Tessa! Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog posts! It's really fun to read plus, it's filled with many interesting information about fashion! I look forward to your next post :-)

    1. Hey oh heyyyyy! Thank you love, means sooo much! Glad that you enjoyed reading hehehe, do leave your name next time! :D


  2. hi Jie, love your web. I love the bloopers pics the most and will remember all the funny times we had while taking pics. lemme take more pics soon!!!!'

  3. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  4. i love that top! looks amazing with the cuff

    1. Thank you! Love your super edgy style too! (yes, it's that unforgettable ;D)


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