Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just Like Ecstasy

heart trobblingly, feet wobblingly, brain explodingly:
 Mini-faced gold Casio digital watch, Stitched leather skirt, Diorshow Extase Mascara

It just donned on me that in every post, almost every millionzillionkazilliontrillion shoe/bag/everything is labelled "favourite!!!". Truth be told- DUH. YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY NOT LOVE EVERYTHING IN YOUR WARDROBE. However, putting the I'm-the-grandma-in-Madagascar-who-hits-Alex tone away, I figured that to introduce everything I love, there's no better way than having a bi-weekly feature about 3 current favourite things! SO HERE GOES!

 1. Gold mini-faced Casio digital watch

People who've had many conversations with me about this sweet little thing would know that my absolute favourite nickname for it is the "Golden Gangster Ahpek(English: old man) Watch". Ah yes, stereotyping time. 

Cue in the scene where an old bald man in a tropical Hawaiian shirt appears at a not-so-tropical casino, with a 'man-purse' clutched underneath his armpits. He strides in, as if channeling the Anna Dello Russo strut, with his nose up in the air. He walks. He catwalks(what?). He flips his hair (fat hope, he's bald, remember?). And suddenly, he does it. Everybody stares. That possession *cue in boy whistling at hot girl now!!*.

Sorry to pop all your bubbles but honestly speaking, it's actually nothing but a good ol' Casio watch. I think. Long gone were the days where our grandfathers ruled the golden-watch world. It has already become a key essential to many girls. In contrast to many people's beliefs- the gold colour actually strives in bringing a subtle side to the carrier/wearer/whatever. I love how it matches all kinds of tans and at the same time, steals the limelight effortlessly without looking cheap!

2. Stitched leather skirt

I promise (swear if I could) upon my clothes, I was literally breathing at 1 huffpuff/min when I was shopping and found this! It was a year ago in Brick Lane, London where I tried shopping for vintage clothes (second-hands weren't really my thing then) for the very first time. Who knew that I would've found a wise old man (who was not wearing a gold watch) selling an entire collection of vintage finds from all over Europe. The biggest huffpuffbreathless moment though, was when he was letting all these 1900s pieces go at 5 pounds (10 SGD then) a piece! Till this day, I'd still catch a random sniff to capture that leather scent the skirt never fails to leave. Uhuh, Eu de Leather.

I think the coolest thing about owning something vintage is that you'll always be left wondering who's worn your skirt, and if she was having devonshire tea, eating bratwurst, or even taking a break at Ladurée in this skirt. And it's magical that till this day, so many people are carrying clothes that were once a part of history's precious beings.

   3.  Diorshow Extase Mascara(design of this tube is different as it came in a travel pack)

There's always a moment when a girl gets makeup spasms and I think I've had mine! Being the forever-late person that I am, it's always about finding the perfect way to get out of the house as fast as possible! Eyes are most important to me so I just rely on a good ol' eye liner and mascara. 

(No, I am not doing an advert.)

This is actually an expression of love towards Dior because yeah, THEY CREATED THE BEST THING EVER. It's amazing brush (refer to 1st picture of the post) is probably both Maybelline's Stiletto mascara and a volumizing mascara in one. I don't even have to use an eyelash curler because it has like, an invisible hair blower that awakens all your lashes like sunflowers. It's completely stay-on and cry-on-able. If you were going to watch some horror (e.g twilight) movie that could make you cry, have no fear- Dior is here!

(sometimes I really do feel like i'm doing an advert) (oh for the love of mascara)

To wrap up this post, I honestly don't think I'll be able to finish featuring all my favourite things because Topshop cannot stop producing lovely shades of nail polish and the world cannot stop making such good brownie makers (also known as 'Ovens'). 

Till then though, I'll be writing my heart out about all these precious little things.

xoxo (HAPPY yesterday BIRTHDAY MOM!)


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